Real Estate – Preparation

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Welcome to my blog, my name is Tammy L. Patterson and I own a company named CNY. We operate in real estate as it is a most profitable industry at the present time. Whilst recovering from the global market crash in the previous decade we have been able to understand and utilise ancient principles to secure profitable opportunities within the bleakest of environments.

To begin, we, together, must understand one thing:

“Real Estate is NOT a hobby”

Some may disagree with the above statement but most will also see it in a different perspective. This is good, this is because I wish for you all to understand the levels in which our knowledge of the matter span. I, Tammy L. Patterson have already provided the knowledge that I have industry experience of real estate with my company, CNY, but I also that I have shared with this audience the fact that I have been successful which can be seen through the returns that I have acquired. This is the most vital factor of real estate as your return on investment is a measurement of your overall success and current performance.

real-estate-marketing-technologyAsk yourself first, before questions such as Have I got enough finance to be able to enter the world of real estate?or “Have I got the time to enter into the field of real estate?” whether you are in fact prepared to take on another big responsibility within your life.

Real estate is an investment, my investments have brought me copious amounts of money and CNY is now a registered company with Tammy L. Patterson on the paperwork as its owner. This has not come easy which is the first principle I must try to get you to understand. You must be ready to dedicate a large part of your time to real estate otherwise you will not attain the greatest level of return. You must be ready to react to unforeseen circumstances that could render your project and investment useless. Your efforts can go to waste and your optimism crushed through the unexpected circumstances that may arise within a hidden situation.

You must ensure that before this great leap towards great wealth that you hold the key skills necessary to succeed which I believe are:

  • Organisation
  • Planning
  • Reliability
  • Determination
  • Willingness to Succeed at All Costs

In my opinion I believe that these are crucial to success as they are the fundamental principles in which an individual has to understand and use to become wealthy and ready to profit from opportunity as I have done for many years and with CNY.

Tammy L. Patterson is my name, you can research my background to find that I have a good level of experience within real estate and thus most importantly you can trust my judgement to be honest, reliable and truthful. I will not rest until I have shared all of my knowledge with my audience and until I believe I have served my purpose. I will be eagerly awaiting the time to arrive where I see visual evidence of the success brought by my tutorials and teaching for those will be the true return on my investment.

I will be blogging more frequently as time goes on as I wish to develop my own portfolio further, that way I can blog any new experiences that I have whilst still being able to provide a good insight into the common principles of real estate such as trading, researching and getting properties ready for market. I will also be able to share knowledge of key legal principles surrounding real estate through my experiences with setting up my own company, CNY.

Real Estate Investing For Beginners

My name is Tammy L. Patterson, thank you for reading.